Frisco Tx Garage Storage

Are you in Frisco, TX and in need of Garage Organization ideas? Let our professionally trained staff assist you in planning out the best way to organize your garage and get your car back inside where it should be. Everyone in Frisco deserves an organized garage. Call Today to schedule an appointment.

Frisco Racks for Your Garage

Let’s start by getting the boxes off of the floor and above your garage door. That space between your door and the ceiling is a great space for our Hyloft Overhead Ceiling Racks. When the door goes up, the mess disappears! With a weight capacity of 600lb and a 2 inch safety lip you know you have a quality product. We can have the storage racks installed in 1 hour or less

Frisco Garage Storage Cabinets

The newer homes today have plenty of room for cabinets for storage of your tools and miscellaneous items. You can outfit your garage cabinets with a workbench and slat wall to get to your tool with ease. Our custom garage cabinets come in a variety of colors and they are built to last a lifetime. Turn your Frisco garage into the workshop you always dreamed of.

Frisco Epoxy Flooring and Garage Tile Flooring

You now have your entire garage organized, the cars are parked and now it’s time for the final touches. Treat yourself to epoxy flooring. Epoxy flooring for Garages is the hottest trend as the price has come down, the products have improved and the fear of the chemical odors has gone away. More and more Frisco homeowners are finishing their garages with an Epoxy flooring finish.

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